Our Advertising Philosophy

We’re taking a different approach to ads on all SBJ digital properties. Instead of running ad from one of the big networks, SBJ ads will be sold directly. This frees us from the ugly ads that you see littering even major media sites.

Banner Ads

SBJ’s primary banner format is the 400×400 Square with variations of 400w x 333h, 400w x 600h and 400w x 800h. Independence allows SBJ to deviate from IAB’s standard ad formats like the 300×250 and the 300×600. A width of 400 pixels allows more space for better ads. Furthermore, we reserve 10% of banner ad inventory for free ads to SBJ Business+ members.

In addition to website banners, SBJ will announce other ad products soon including:
Newsletter Ads
Podcast and Video Ads

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