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SBJ Business Members get free press releases and integrated distribution.



Our intuitive platform allows you to post your press releases easily, with a streamlined submission process.


Your press releases are made available to our network of journalists, bloggers, influencers, and industry professionals.

Search &

Integrated social sharing and SEO Optimization.

Category Targeting

Categorize your press releases to reach specific audiences within industries.

Multimedia Support

Enhance your press releases with images, videos, and other multimedia elements. *Coming Soon

Analytics and Insights

Performance analytics, including views, shares, and engagement.
*Coming Soon

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Press Release Terms & Conditions

Business Members can only post Press Releases for their own business, product or event.
Business Members can by default post up to two Press Releases per month. If a business legitimately needs more then contact us to increase your limit.
Links or Targets should be the actual destination. No URL shorteners or obfuscators.
Links should only go to the companyโ€™s website, event page or social media page.
Spam and phishing content is expressly prohibited.
Press Release content and links may be checked for compliance.
Press Release policies are subject to change. Members can check their dashboard for updates and notices.