AI Netflix? – Showrunner Imagines A Future of AI-Generated TV


AJ Green

May 31, 2024

AI entertainment startup The Simulation (formerly Fable Studio) just launched Showrunner, a platform that allows users to generate and watch AI-powered TV shows set in virtual simulated worlds.

The details:

  • Showrunner combines multi-agent simulations with LLMs to create interactive content aligned with specific virtual worlds.
  • Users can watch, direct, and star in shows set in virtual environments populated by AI characters, with the ability to craft episodes from prompts.
  • The platform is launching with 10 original shows, with users able to generate new episodes and edit deeper into scripts, shots, and voices.
  • Showrunner is opening in alpha to a limited number of users, with select user-created episodes receiving payment, rev share, and IMDB credits.
  • The studio went viral last year after the release of its South Park episode demos and research paper on its SHOW-1 model.

Why it matters: Showrunner is a wild step towards the merging of AI, gaming, and traditional entertainment, enabling users to not only consume but create stories within simulated worlds. The lines are blurring fast between creators and audiences — and the traditional Hollywood media model may never be the same.

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